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AT12 Replica
$895.00 Cdn (
plus shipping & insurance VISA available)

Originally made in France by A. Thuillier circa 1875-1890

Doll is approximately 23" tall on a jointed composition body

Hand painted head is signed & dated by Connie Drake

Head has handmade glass paperweight eyes and pierced ears with earrings

Handmade mohair wig

Celery green brocade jacket trimmed with darker green silk taffeta cording and accent flaps with fine braid and brass buttons (see photo for detail on back of jacket)

Matching dark green pleated taffeta skirt

Antique lace forms the front plastron

Hat of plain dark green silk trimmed with pleats, lace, flowers, ribbons & ostrich feathers

Handmade leather shoes in green to match her outfit

Gold brooch accents the ensemble

Stock # 023

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