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Bru Jne 8 "Ernette"
(plus shipping & insurance VISA available)

Limited edition of only one

Originally made by Casimar Bru in France, circa 1880

Doll is 15" tall

Porcelain head has dark gray blue glass paperweight eyes

Handmade blonde mohair wig

Authentic jointed composition body

Dress is very pale green silk with overlay of very delicate antique lace, and accented with antique braid of silk ribbon flowers

Matching wired bonnet trimmed at sides with ecru satin bows

Underwear is trimmed in French lace

Shoes are handmade green leather with brass buckles

Cream coloured stockings

Doll comes with Certificate of Authenticity

Doll head is signed and dated by Connie Drake

Stock# 038

Bru Jne 8 "Ernette"Bru Jne 8 "Ernette"

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