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Portrait Jumeau
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Originally made by Jumeau in Paris, France, circa 1875-1885

Hand painted porcelain head has handmade blue-gray glass paperweight eyes, pierced ears with glass bead earrings, long honey-blonde curls

Doll is approximately 21 1/2" tall, excluding hat

Porcelain head has brown glass paperweight eyes

She is on an authentic French jointed composition body

Dress is a pastel grayish, blue-green silk, embellished with ivory antique laces and antique ivory satin

She comes complete with a gold pin on her bodice

Matching hat in silk & lace trimmed with ostrich feathers & flowers

Underclothes are white cotton trimmed with French lace

Handmade leather shoes with brass buckles

Porcelain head is signed & dated by Connie Drake

Doll comes with a certificate of authenticity

Stock# 046

Portrait JumeauPortrait Jumeau

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